Market Dashboard

Why Association View?

Access membership sales and usage statistics on the fly.

Sales Volume

View the highest revenue producing brokerages in a real estate board or association and compare the performance between brokerages.

Membership Statistics

View the statistics of real estate brokerages and individual agents and compare metrics between teams, brokerages, and individuals.

Site License Usage

Live access to Trenlii usage by your membership - For real estate boards and associations.

My Dashboard

Membership Overview

Understanding the performance of your membership is important. Receive instant access to membership analytics and usage.

  • Add users to administrative panel.
  • View projected revenue within your association.
  • Be notified - Access membership alerts.
  • Create PDF reports on the fly in real time.
Branded PDF's

Market Reports

Just a few of our reports which you can create in real-time...


Monthly Report - Essential

View market statistics and metrics on a specified monthly basis and compare to prior months for several different market metrics. We have included the option to customize your branding on the report. This report is also available to real estate agents, brokerages, and sales representatives in order for them to provide market information within a very specific search criteria, relaying the most relevant and useful data to each and every home seller or buyer.

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Monthly Report - Quick

Similar to the multi-page monthly report, the quick report is a simple overview of of the real estate market in a much more easy to understand one-page format.

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Listing Sheet - Customizable

Customizable listing sheets are available to every sales representative and brokerage. Generate listing sheets based on personal listings or a specific listing search criteria.

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Quarterly Report - Foreign Buyers

Compare the number of buyers in your area to the number of buyers outside of your area and number of foreign buyers outside of your country. View the characteristics of sales data from foreign buyers compared to local buyers.

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